Direct access to a team of experienced HR professionals offering complete support. Whether you’re dealing with a sensitive employee relations issue, choosing your benefits offering, or helping an employee understand their paycheck, we are here for you.


Secure online processing, tax withholdings, and remittances, as well as robust reporting capabilities. Payroll is synced with benefits, retirement, and PTO tracking details for greater ease of use.


An expansive benefits offering, including great health and retirement plans, makes it easier than ever to access the right benefits to attract great employees.


Specialized handling and guidance on federal, state, and local employment law and regulation compliance, so you can save time and gain peace of mind.


Set yourself up for tomorrow, today. You don’t have to be an employment regulation expert, but take the step to rely on someone who does. With our streamlined processes, advanced technology, and expert team, know that you’re taken care of at Auzmor.

Payroll Taxes & Filing

Reporting, filing, administrative work—we can do it all in a knowledgeable, efficient manner, including unemployment claim handling, W-2 creation and filing, and tax collection.

Employee Benefits

Are you operating adequately within established regulations? By offering benefits through Auzmor, we take on your risk and resume fiduciary responsibility for you.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

We’re here to guide you through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and keep up with changes that occur over time. By partnering with Auzmor, you can take advantage of our advanced payroll and benefits expertise to confidently check off ACA’s requirements.

Employment Liability Risk Management

At Auzmor, we not only cover your employees, but also your company’s welfare. We can protect your business from liabilities including discrimination, unlawful retaliation, and harassment claims.

Workman’s Compensation & Workplace Safety

Auzmor can administer your workman’s compensation program and assist in your safety efforts from an HR standpoint.


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