Payroll Administration

When it comes to payroll, compliance is critical. But you don’t have to shoulder it all alone. Let us at Auzmor handle your payroll administration, reducing your risks and freeing up your time to grow your business.


Direct access to a team of experienced HR professionals offering complete support. Whether you’re dealing with a sensitive employee relations issue, choosing your benefits offering, or helping an employee understand their paycheck, we are here for you.


Secure online processing, tax withholdings, and remittances, as well as robust reporting capabilities. Payroll is synced with benefits, retirement, and PTO tracking details for greater ease of use.


An expansive benefits offering, including great health and retirement plans, makes it easier than ever to access the right benefits to attract great employees.


Specialized handling and guidance on federal, state, and local employment law and regulation compliance, so you can save time and gain peace of mind.

Digital Payroll Processing

Our easy-to-use digital payroll services involve payroll processing that includes direct deposit and debiting. Paperless avenues are also available, offering e-pay stubs and W-2 handling.

Also take advantage of capabilities to view current in-progress invoices and make any necessary revisions.

Tax Calculations, Remittances, and Filings

We handle your federal, state, and local payroll taxes, ensuring withholdings are submitted properly and filing documentation to cover W-2 needs.

With Auzmor's payroll processing services, we also manage unemployment taxes and process claims, lowering your paperwork and administration time.

Time-Off Tracking

Time off is readily available for viewing in real time, allowing your employees to have an easier, more positive, experience organizing time away from the office.

Time & Attendance

Take advantage of having time and attendance data at your fingertips to make organizational decisions, manage operational needs, and maintain compliance.

Detailed Payroll Reports

Put our many report offerings to work in your business to gain insights about your HR-related spending. Better visibility leads to smarter decision-making.

Expense Management

Eliminate the inconvenience of expense reports with our streamlined process. Our system transfers employee expenses directly to payroll so reimbursements are paid out promptly.


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