Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Your company reduces liability and risk, while also handing off HR-related tasks, through a co-employment relationship with Auzmor, allowing employers to manage day-to-day company functions.


Administrative Services Organization (ASO) Similar to a PEO, the ASO solution eliminates HR tasks from your plate, but without the co-employment relationship and taking on your company’s risk, compliance, and liability. Although Auzmor will not take on these additional duties, we continue to provide any necessary advice on these issues.

Why choose Auzmor?

Your time is valuable. And we at Auzmor think it’s too important to spend on daily administrative tasks that set important growth opportunities on the backburner. Nothing should stop you from tackling those critical tasks every day, including HR.

Time is money, and when time gets away from, it eats away potential profits. That’s where Auzmor comes in.

Auzmor provides full-service, forward-thinking HR solutions for small and medium-size businesses. We specialize in helping businesses, like yours, run more efficiently, practice safe and compliant procedures based on state and federal regulations, and offload some of the many to-dos involved in growing your organization.

At Auzmor, we manage payroll, tax filing, new employee onboarding, benefits enrollment, workers’ compensation, as well as many other HR services.

Better, faster, stronger. Companies that partner with us gain the ability to focus on your ultimate goal – growing your business. We understand what it takes to build a successful business and realize that not everyone has the capacity, or preference, to manage HR in-house.

Cut Your HR Costs

With some of the lowest rates in the industry, Auzmor provides affordable and transparent solutions that work towards your advantage. We care so much for your business that we work to cost less so your business can succeed.

Decreased Risk

Our team has experience with processes and policies in all 50 states. We use that knowhow and expertise to keep your business safe from compliance issues.

Your Dedicated Team

At Auzmor, we have dedicated specialists that work specifically for your company, allowing you to form personal relationships that foster open communication to cover any questions you or your employees may have.

Single Source

We have pulled all of your HR needs (and wants) into one solution to let you spend more of your time doing what you do best, growing your business.

Qualified Professionals

Rely on our experienced professionals to understand your specific industry standards and guide your business in the best fit for your needs.

Reliable and Efficient

No unnecessary steps here. Auzmor offers technology that streamlines processes, supports your employees, and delivers reporting so that you can see the difference.


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