Revolutionary Applicant Tracking System
for all business sizes

Let your HR department focus on your core business

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  • Applicant Tracking System

  • HRIS

Auzmor HRIS is the no-surprise HRIS for SMBs

Auzmor HRIS takes minutes to setup (for most small businesses), is fully self service and cost effective compared to the competition.

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Business setup in minutes

Built on the latest technology stacks

Highly secured with upgraded technology


Best of breed security practices
Third party audit our cloud infrastructure before FY2018

Customisation will be done on client's requirement

Let AI drive your business.

How does AI help you in your HRIS and Recruiting?

Improve efficiencies, reduce costs

  • Reduce the cost of HR with AI bots

Eliminate recruiting black hole

  • Eliminate the black hole of recruiting with a bot that responds to questions

Keep updated

  • Let our AI bots keep your employees updated on whats going on through bot updates.


  • AI drives recommendations on employee newsfeed on what could be the best way to improve skills and move forward in their career.


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